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  1. When ordering a site design, you are ordering the project in the following specification ("Mageno 2 features" section).
  2. After placing the order, the project manager will contact you and send the brief to complete.
  3. The service order is associated with a 30% initial fee. After the initial payment, we issue an invoice.

You will be redirected to Paypal in order to pay for the service (only $2.000).

Magento 2 features

What will you get for $7.000?

Reponsive design

A modern and attractive graphic template adapting to mobile devices.

Paypal online payments

Setup and testing paypal online payments gateway.

Google Shopping feed generator

Automatic google shopping feed generator.

Onestep Checkout

Built-in simply Onestep Checkout module.

Products import

We import products from every sql, csv, xml, xls files. We import products only once.


Built-in blog module that will allow you to create unique content on the store that will strengthen your search engine rankings.

AntySpam form secure

All forms on the store will be protected against spam. All login and registration attempts will be logged.

20h for any Magento modifications

As part of the implementation, you receive up to 20h for any Magento modifications or template.

Magento support services discount

Take advantage of the big discount for stable Magento hosting and get cheap care over the store for one year.